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I’m Back………. Finally!!!!!!!

Hello my fellow nerds!!!!! I have finally returned from my break this summer. Lots has happened over my little break but to save time, here are some of the BIG events that occurred;

  • Myrtle Beach with my family
  • Relay for Life
  • Picked up on writing my novel again

And now I am finally back in school again and have more to keep me busy.

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Avengersonna giveaway!
Again I know it sucks. But why not
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~the stuff
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thank you ! May the odds be ever in your favor

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I swear that there should be a game show made by Tumblr. Like there would be different mini games like guess the fandom and we get say a picture of a specific actor’s eyebrow and have to guess which fandom said eyebrow belongs to. I think that this would be the best thing to ever happen, so someone get on this!